Review: Assassin’s Apprentice


I was itching for a classic fantasy read so it only seemed natural to pick up one of the most classic books in the genre – Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. She gets a lot of love on /r/books so I figured it was as good a choice as any, but it turned out to be just meh for me. Solid 2.5 star material.

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In Which My Wannabe-Master Perfumier Ass Reviews Some Perfumes

Title says it all. I’ve been obsessed with finding a new fragrance lately, and I mean obsessed. Like, I’ve rushed to the nearest Sephora after work every day this week and basically just camped out in their fragrance section until they closed. I guess you could argue that considering I usually get out of work pretty late, this doesn’t seem like the most impressive statement…but it’s the dedication that counts, okay. In three evenings I’ve smelled literally every single women’s fragrance the FiDi branch offers, from designer Dior and Balenciaga to the more niche Nest and Atelier Cologne. Every. single. one. And I actually mean that literally – I started at the first row, first column, matrix[0][0], of all the shelves and just worked my way down and over, perfume by perfume. It was exhausting and my nose is the most incredible trooper in lower Manhattan, but I’m here to tell the tale of what I learned this past week.

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Quitting Running…or at least taking a break

I started running the summer after my freshman year of college after I gained the Freshman 20. It was the first semi-regular exercise I ever did my in my life, and even though I wasn’t consistent or very intense about it (think half an hour on the treadmill every other night, with 1/3 of that spent warming up and cooling down), I still managed to bring my weight down to some semblance of normal in time for the start of sophomore year. Since then, I’ve run numerous races from 5k to 15k, have been unintentionally on and off with it, have occasionally loved it and found it really enjoyable – but the one constant across the past several years is the struggle.

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A Mini History of Fashion Month, and Fashion Show Overhaul

If you think about it, the current fashion show system is pretty outdated, whether it be just NY Fashion Week or the entirety of Fashion Month. There were three main steps in history in the progression leading up to the modern day fashion show:

  1. Louis XIV set the precedent for replacing clothes semi-annually, as part of his economic stimulus plan
  2. Charles Frederick Worth introduced the runway aspect with his atelier line
  3. Eleanor Lambert paved the way for the frenzied media coverage of Fashion Month – a brilliant marketing tactic

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Zuhair Murad SS 16, pt. 1

Zuhair Murad can do no wrong. His collections are always so flawlessly feminine, oftentimes delicate, oftentimes more art than clothing. I love the corset-inspiration of the first part of this set, though his corsets aren’t like any other with how pure and delicate and breathtaking they are. Every petal of these dresses is sewn on individually, making everything all the more incredible.

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